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Cost and risk can increase exponentially with scale. We combine our research expertise with advanced analytics to manage cost and risk at extreme scale.

Problem Opportunity
Infrastructure transformation initiatives require domain expertise and engineering talent to create a modern architecture that meets consolidation and standardization goals.
A prescriptive reference architecture proven successful at multiple Fortune 500 institutions can ensure the success and lower costs of infrastructure transformation initiatives.
Time and talent constraints often prevent the infrastructure transformation initiatives to fully achieve economies of scale.
A high-performance engineering team with deep domain expertise across infrastructure automation, architecture, and CI/CD can save time and close the talent gap.
Increasing cybersecurity threats and evolving compliance controls create a new class of requirements for enterprise information protection.
A prescriptive security model incorporating automated controls from all major cybersecurity frameworks can ensure that security and compliance requirements are met and auditable.

We offer

XaaS Architecture
  • Service Catalog
  • Capacity Management
  • Infrastructure Consolidation
Automated XaaS Operations
  • Manage Many-as-One
  • Operations Analytics
  • CI/CD
  • Access control
  • Data protection
  • Configuration & Risk
  • Simplified Architecture - Single set of enterprise patterns and common architecture
  • Faster Execution - Reduce delivery time by 50%
  • Built-in Security - Eliminate consolidation risk and ensure audit compliance

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